Tips for your TalentClip

Seize the chance to make a great first impression!

One of our missions at ProTalents is to enhance your candidature with a TalentClip, 2 minutes - 4 questions, and increase significantly your chances that a client hires you!

We make recording your TalentClip easy from start to finish with our user-friendly module.

Be yourself

Try to be relaxed enough to let your personality shine through. Breathe deeply to calm your nerves. Practice answering our 4 questions loud, remember to smile, and have fun with it. When you’re ready, look at the camera to make eye contact, and begin.

It’s about you

For and our clients, you are not just a picture and a CV!

Our unique feature allows you to show who you are!

Your TalentClip is a game-changer!

Set the stage

Pick a clean background and a quiet setting. Good lighting is very important. Choose either natural light shining from behind your computer or phone,  or lamps enlightening you from both sides. Set up the camera at your eye level, and far enough away to capture your head and shoulders.

Replicate a live interview

Make your TalentClip more real by imagining you’re doing a live short interview. Imagine your ideal recruiter sitting just behind your computer or phone, listening to you.

Prepare a script

In the TalentClip recording module, you will have the opportunity to practice answering our questions!

Keep it short

Keep your TalentClip to a quick 2-3 minutes for the best impact!

Stay positive

Approach your TalentClip recording with an optimistic attitude and self-confidence. Show enthusiasm and your skills to convince your future clients.